Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not everything is spelled foneticly.

If you know you're a poor speller, please don't touch the labelmaker.

Come on, nothing rhymes with can?

So... nobody told the marketing department that the stuff was going to come in a can? Oops.

Artist's Statement

By now you should pretty much realize what's going on. I catch things. They just pop out at me; I can't help it.

I'm not claiming to be perfect. I make mistakes, too. It's just that certain things really catch my attention and I feel like sharing them. Maybe the mistakes are funny, or maybe they're common mistakes made because the English language is so incredibly confusing.

You'll probably find typos and grammar discrepancies littered throughout my blog, but that's just how it goes. 99% of the time, I proofread what I've keyed in, but I don't always get everything. I don't follow any style (as in AP or MLA). I'm not THAT anal. :)

At any rate... enjoy.

It's not all stencils and spray paint, folks.

Yep, people can screw up even when they write it out by hand.

The second one is pretty good, too.

From a nearby beauty salon... Do you think Debi did it on purpose?

The first one's a doozy...

I literally slammed on the brakes and pulled over when I saw this one. God bless the inventor of the camera phone.

Surely, these people mean they have "Arabians" for sale, not "Arabs." I'd like to believe it's illiteracy at work here and not prejudice. Phone number has been obscured to protect the offenders.