Sunday, December 21, 2008


People do actually read my blog! For some reason, I had things set up so that I wasn't receiving e-mail notifications when people left comments. That was not a good idea. I fixed it though, and may feel obligated to post more often now that I know you're out there.

I have a pretty good sized backlog of stuff to post... I need to put all of my crafting on hold and get back to blogging. (See for some of my other adventures.)

Here's a good one from the mega-post to come. I nearly gave my husband whiplash when I slammed on the brakes and pulled over to snap a photo of this sign.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Road Trippin'

From Willits, CA: Put down the doobie and get out your dictionary. That's 'Brazilian Amethyst' and 'Moroccan Handicrafts,' people.

From Crescent City, CA: They have a pool in the door? I'd like to see that. (And the people at the Jacuzzi Company probably have mixed feelings about their brand name becoming a household name... especially when people can't spell it correctly.)

In Crescent City, California's Home Depot store: 10% off the word APPLIANCES, too.

More apostrophe abuse.

Yikes! It's going to be one of those days. I'm going to upload so many pics that I may end up captioning them all wrong. So be it. First up, more apostrophe mayhem. Some of these are really old—I've just gotten around to pulling them off my cell phone. Enjoy! (And I apologize if I've posted them before and just didn't remember.)

No explanation needed. (The apostrophe isn't needed either.)

Just say it out loud before you print it, folks, "I love my country; I hate it is leaders." Nope, doesn't work. Remove the apostrophe. Ahhh. Much better.

Whose affordable garage solution? The Bay Area's! That's right, it's possessive!

...And the coup de grace, found by Hank. OMG, I don't even know where to start. Some of my favorites are Jehovah's Witness's, Sport's Nut's, and even though they don't have misused apostrophes: Loud Mouth Women and High Fullutent. This photo alone is enough to keep the Compulsive Proofreader busy for a year.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


An ode to the misuse of apostrophes.
(limerick inspired by Holly)

Plural or possessive, it's confusing
befuddled by whether or not to be using
an apostrophe 'S'
when used at its best
is bewitching, bewildering and bemusing

Okay, so I'm not a poet... I won't do that again. Here are some prime examples, collected by myself lately (and others when noted) on how NOT to use apostrophes. My thoughts: doesn't everyone get taught this in American schools at some point? How can people think that grammar, spelling and punctuation are unimportant? Ugh!

This was at Andy's grandma's retirement home. Old folks respect punctuation. It must drive them nuts everytime they pile into that van.

Liz says:
"We had dinner at Ubuntu in Napa a couple of weeks ago. Excellent food, but the evening was marred by this unnecessary apostrophe. As soon as I saw it, I took this to send to you. That third drink on there? The Bellini with the rose-geranium sugar on the rim? SO AWESOME."

Signs on the freezer cases in Longs Drug in Arcata.

On a taco truck in Arcata. There's also a different restaurant in Arcata that uses a proper name as the name of the restaurant, and their signage doesn't have an apostrophe. It makes me want to get out my permanent marker and do a little helpful graffiti.

Another gem from the T-S. Thanks to Jen for unearthing this one!
"A landmark decision for all Californian's quietly made history on August 20th in a Santa Cruz courtroom."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good kitty.


So, if you don't know about, here's your chance to get caught up. But don't try to look at all the archived LOLcats in one sitting. That would be silly.

Friday, July 25, 2008

One from Mike and one from Zeke.

Mike reads the newspapers, I don't (except the one I work for, the always stellar and error-free North Coast Journal). This one, as far as I can tell, is actually the Times-Standard's fault. It looks to me like an ad built in-house, and well, spell check just wouldn't catch it.

How many of us actually look at street signs when we're not lost? Zeke does. This upstanding citizen is out proofreading in the city of Eureka, so look out! Yes, folks, these signs are on the same block.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maybe we should "educte" adults too.

From the July 2, 2008 Times-Standard (a.k.a. Sub-Standard). If it weren't for the wire services, the Times-Standard would be 4 pages at the most. This little opinion piece came from the Contra Costa Times... who knows if the Times-Standard reset the title or if it came from the Contra Costa Times that way. Either way, people really should take the time to look at things before they go to print. Ugh.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm back! (sort of...)

And I've been saving it up! Enjoy.

"FALL IS TUST--COZJER" I couldn't agree more. (Thanks, Holly.)

Does anyone know what kind of piants they'll be selling? (Thanks, Andy.)

People, don't try to be cutesy. In certain cases, it just makes you look ignorant. (Thanks, Zeke.)

Thanks again, Zeke. For some reason I have a hard time taking pictures in supermarkets. Otherwise, I'd have one that I saw in Safeway the other day: Fresh Local Flowers grown at SunVally Floral Farms.

Mmm. Cheeze pizza. I hope they use "processed cheese food" instead of real cheese. (Thanks, Zeke.)

You'd think Jesus would give them the ability to proofread their junk mail before printing and mailing thousands of copies. "Who's" is short for "who is." What they need here is "whose."

Last one for now... I went to the fair with some friends today and found this over a 4H kid's goat stall. Sorry, kid. You need to spend more time hitting the books and less time in the barn.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the perils of "Spell Check"

Jay-Z and Beyond Marry

Jay-Z and Beyoncé got married, but Spell Check doesn't know that. Second-guessing the computer is not always a bad thing, people.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The Compulsive Proofreader is on maternity leave.

This means my brain has checked out and I really only have enough energy to take care of a few things at a time. (Like doctor visits, nesting, napping, watching DVDs, tending the other blog occasionally and writing thank you notes.)

I'll be back eventually.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Sorry, the holidays kind of took over. You will be rewarded for your patience — there's good stuff below!

Wow. I knew St. Joseph Hospital was in financial trouble awhile back, but hosting a suicide class to drum up business is going just a little too far. (To be clear, maybe the Reporter should put the word "prevention" in the headline next time.)
Thanks, Holly!

Zeke found this one... The Y2K bug was real! Check out the date on this website!

Maybe I should start reading the newspaper and carrying by camera everywhere, this is another from Holly... Crab cooked on sight. Ugh. Which superhero had the laser beam eyes? He must be working on a crab boat out of Eureka.

It's another one from Holly. Maybe this blog should be called "Compulsive Proofreaders" :) Pets can bathe themselves on Sunday and Monday apparently. "Uh, Fluffy, it looks like you missed a spot behind your left ear there."

Who knew that Mini Coopers came with speedos?! (How many Americans have heard of a speedometer referred to as a speedo? Don't most Americans think of men's tiny swimsuits when they hear "speedo"? Eew!) I found this one.

Cheers until next time... hopefully, it won't take me a month to post again.