Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Sorry, the holidays kind of took over. You will be rewarded for your patience — there's good stuff below!

Wow. I knew St. Joseph Hospital was in financial trouble awhile back, but hosting a suicide class to drum up business is going just a little too far. (To be clear, maybe the Reporter should put the word "prevention" in the headline next time.)
Thanks, Holly!

Zeke found this one... The Y2K bug was real! Check out the date on this website!

Maybe I should start reading the newspaper and carrying by camera everywhere, this is another from Holly... Crab cooked on sight. Ugh. Which superhero had the laser beam eyes? He must be working on a crab boat out of Eureka.

It's another one from Holly. Maybe this blog should be called "Compulsive Proofreaders" :) Pets can bathe themselves on Sunday and Monday apparently. "Uh, Fluffy, it looks like you missed a spot behind your left ear there."

Who knew that Mini Coopers came with speedos?! (How many Americans have heard of a speedometer referred to as a speedo? Don't most Americans think of men's tiny swimsuits when they hear "speedo"? Eew!) I found this one.

Cheers until next time... hopefully, it won't take me a month to post again.


Z said...

Sweetness. Don't wait until the 23th to post next time. hehe

Carson Park Ranger said...

The suicide class was full. I ended up taking yoga.

Swami Snatchindamoni said...

Back in Kerala, when I was a motorbike racer, we call them speedos. And today, the Samoa drag racers, they too say 'speedo' for speedometer. I mean come on, they have IQs of like 87...what do you expect from these guys??

Words with more than TWO syllables?

-- Swami

Danwargo said...

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