Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm back! (sort of...)

And I've been saving it up! Enjoy.

"FALL IS TUST--COZJER" I couldn't agree more. (Thanks, Holly.)

Does anyone know what kind of piants they'll be selling? (Thanks, Andy.)

People, don't try to be cutesy. In certain cases, it just makes you look ignorant. (Thanks, Zeke.)

Thanks again, Zeke. For some reason I have a hard time taking pictures in supermarkets. Otherwise, I'd have one that I saw in Safeway the other day: Fresh Local Flowers grown at SunVally Floral Farms.

Mmm. Cheeze pizza. I hope they use "processed cheese food" instead of real cheese. (Thanks, Zeke.)

You'd think Jesus would give them the ability to proofread their junk mail before printing and mailing thousands of copies. "Who's" is short for "who is." What they need here is "whose."

Last one for now... I went to the fair with some friends today and found this over a 4H kid's goat stall. Sorry, kid. You need to spend more time hitting the books and less time in the barn.