Wednesday, September 17, 2008


An ode to the misuse of apostrophes.
(limerick inspired by Holly)

Plural or possessive, it's confusing
befuddled by whether or not to be using
an apostrophe 'S'
when used at its best
is bewitching, bewildering and bemusing

Okay, so I'm not a poet... I won't do that again. Here are some prime examples, collected by myself lately (and others when noted) on how NOT to use apostrophes. My thoughts: doesn't everyone get taught this in American schools at some point? How can people think that grammar, spelling and punctuation are unimportant? Ugh!

This was at Andy's grandma's retirement home. Old folks respect punctuation. It must drive them nuts everytime they pile into that van.

Liz says:
"We had dinner at Ubuntu in Napa a couple of weeks ago. Excellent food, but the evening was marred by this unnecessary apostrophe. As soon as I saw it, I took this to send to you. That third drink on there? The Bellini with the rose-geranium sugar on the rim? SO AWESOME."

Signs on the freezer cases in Longs Drug in Arcata.

On a taco truck in Arcata. There's also a different restaurant in Arcata that uses a proper name as the name of the restaurant, and their signage doesn't have an apostrophe. It makes me want to get out my permanent marker and do a little helpful graffiti.

Another gem from the T-S. Thanks to Jen for unearthing this one!
"A landmark decision for all Californian's quietly made history on August 20th in a Santa Cruz courtroom."


Deirdre said...

This kills me, all the poor grammar and punctuation!! Ugh. And to think that I get made fun of for correcting people! What a backwards world we live in..

Dave Stancliff said...

Hi Deirdre,
I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself and issue a challenge to you.
Starting with yesterday's column in the T-S, see how many errors you can find.
If you don't find one, then continue to read them until you do.
Fair enough?
ps - nice blog!

Carson Park Ranger said...

There are several blogs devoted entirely to errant apostrophes. I glad that you are addressing the matter in a single post.

Remember, Deirdre, tact beats pedantry.

Carson Park Ranger said...

And thanks for not correcting my missing apostrophe. And the missing i. I mean I.

Silver Bee said...

"Everytime" It's two separate words! Try "every time."

I love your blog nevertheless.


Silver Bee said...

It's Katie again. No, I don't look like that photo. That is my intended, whose computer I'm using.