Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missing letters, etc.

How do typos happen on 100-year old hand-drawn blueprints? (It's a little hard to read; it says "West Elevtion.")

Yeah, so the word contains all five vowels. It's still a good idea to get them in the right order.

The part that hurts most about this one is that I know the folks that designed the poster.

Zeke found this one on the UC Santa Cruz campus. No spelling majors apparently.

I found this on the Web after my curiosity got the better of me. Some nut with a hand-painted sign on one of the major streets in town urged people to look up the alternative presidential candidates. I did, and found that Chuck Baldwin and his peeps can't proofread, nor can they design attractive websites.

Another Zeke find... he's a big mushroom fan, so I'm sure this one jumped right out at him.

This one was hiding in plain sight at Mike's office. He said he had passed it by for years before a visitor noticed it and drew it to his attention.

And the coup de grace: a poster by "Accurate Productions." Accurate, my a$$. Comunity. Securety. Latonville. Willets. Gaberville. And that's just the bottom half.

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Kato said...

And yet they spelled accurate correctly! How do I send you a submission?